David G. Young Tech

Professional engineering and software development

David is available for contract software development work for clients worldwide. He has a strong track record of delivering projects on time and under budget. His strong interpersonal skills allow for easy interaction with customers and end-users, and his high-energy temperament and entrepreneurial orientation allow him to independently complete projects on schedule. His mobile apps and libraries run on over 150 million mobile devices worldwide, and past works are exhibited at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. References available on request.


  • iOS and Android app development
  • Embedded firmware and Internet of Things development
  • Beacon and Bluetooth Low Energy applications/li>
  • RFID, NFC, and UWB applications.
  • Alexa and voice AI applications
  • Web service development with Ruby, Node.js and Java
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    Sample Commercial Projects:

    Amtrak Bag Check App (Private)

    Allows Amtrak conductors to check and track your bags with printed tags • Bar code scanning with iPhone camera • Bluetooth tag printer integration • Swift 4 and Objective C • AWS Lambda with Node.js and a Dynamo DB

    Amtrak Alexa Train Status (Private Beta)

    Alexa voice app for accessing real-time Amtrak train schedules. • AWS Lambda with a Dynamo DB • Java / Maven code to drive lambda • Restful refresh serverless API

    Washington Post Mobile

    HTML 5 mobile web app • Offline reading w/ LocalStorage • Responsive HTML5/Javascript and jQuery frontend • Java Spring MVC backend w/ REST web services • Backend bundling and caching services for iPhone native app

    Consumer Electronics Show Mobile Maps

    Official indoor nav app for the Consumer Electronics Show • iOS and Android • Responsive HTML5/Javascript and jQuery config web app • Ruby on Rails 4 / Postgres backend

    Beacon Locate

    Beacon location and transmission tool • iOS and Android


    Garage Reservation and Access App • iOS and Android • Coded in Swift, Java and React Native • Bluetooth GATT comms with Node.js garage access point • NFC tag reading

    Open Source Projects:

    Ningo Beacon Registry

    Mobile web app, iOS/Android SDKs • Responsive web app in React.js • Beacon metadata server APIs in Ruby on Rails 5 / Postgres • Open source iOS SDK in Swift • Open source Andorid SDK in Java

    Android Beacon Library

    Open Source library for bluetooth beacons


    "I enthusiastically recommend David Young for development work. David is an incredibly skilled developer, adept at both frontend and backend work in addition to overall architecture. David is at his best when presented with a problem to solve. He'll suggest several technical solutions and recommend the best one for either my budget, time or desired effect. He hits all deadlines and communicates clearly around when his work will be complete and what we owe him for his labor. He’s been an excellent resource for our team."
    -- Julia Beiser, Director of Mobile Projects, The Washington Post
    "David is a true professional and he's a world leader (the authority!) in his area of expertise. The way he handled communication and documentation was first class. I have no hesitation when recommending him."
    -- James Docherty, Co-Founder, Orchard VIE Ltd

    Other Apps

    Washington Post News for Android

    Washington Post News for iPad

    Workstation Locker App for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 (private)

    Samsung Cordless Security App for Android (private)

    Orchard Beacon detector for Android (private)

    Washington Post Election 2012 for iPad (retired)

    Froogle for iOS and Android

    Music + Art for iOS (not released)

    HortiBeacon and ProxInfo for iOS and Android

    Fi Mobile Credit Unions for iOS and Android

    Beacon Scope for Android

    Other Libraries

    Android Beacon Library

    Orchard Beacon detector Library for Android (private)

    Hydr8 BottleKit Framework for iOS (private)

    All My Spots Beacon Framework for iOS (private)

    Iota Labs BLE Library for Android (private)

    Observer SDK for Android (private)

    Contact: tech@davidgyoung.com

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